Why do I have to type 'n' twice?

WaniKani uses the standard style of Japanese IME (input method editor).

Typing one n does not result in ん because you also need to be able to type na, ni, nu, ne, and no (なにぬねの). If it converted immediately, there would be no way to type any of those characters!

Understanding how the Japanese n works is very important for spelling words correctly when typing in Japanese too. For example:

ona = おな
onna = おんあ
onnna = おんな

Speed demon tip: You don’t have to type the double n to make ん at the end of a word when answering the reading of a kanji or vocabulary word. We’ll auto-convert the final n to ん for you. BUT it’s much better if you get used to typing it correctly right from the start. Your Japanese teacher or boss won’t be as lenient as us.

And if you make a mistake in the middle of a word, you’ll see a shake animation and a message reminding you how to type the ん.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to typing the double n in nno time!

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