WaniKani Premium Membership

You tried out the free levels of WaniKani, hopefully, and now you’re ready to subject yourself to more torture. To do that, you’ll need to upgrade to some kind of premium membership.

Any premium membership type gives you access to all of the content on WaniKani, though you still need to progress through the levels as usual (i.e. money doesn’t let you skip ahead). Every new piece of content relies on past knowledge, after all.

The current premium membership options are:

  • Monthly ($9/month)
  • Annual ($89/year)
  • Lifetime ($299/once)

Wow! That’s the price of a $299 cup of coffee! To get a premium account, visit the subscriptions page in your settings.

Please note that all subscriptions amounts are in USD (if you’re in another country, payment will be converted automatically) and monthly/annual subscriptions are recurring. If you cancel your monthly or annual subscription, you’ll be able to use your premium subscription until it expires. You paid for it, after all.

If you have any questions about upgrading, feel free to write a handwritten letter or contact us online.