Review Forecast

Since you’re now up-to-date with how reviews work, soon you’ll be able to figure out when you’ll be getting them through the Review Forecast.

The Review Forecast is located on the righthand side of the dashboard. It’s the set of boxes with numbers and bars that indicates how many review items you have coming up.

WaniKani review forecast

Looking at this, you can see that the number of reviews you have today are shown first. The forecast is read horizontally and divided into hourly categories. The number to the right of the “+” sign tells you how many new reviews you will get on the hour. The green bar also reflects this number. The number on the far right side shows you how many reviews you will have in total. You can see that it increases by increments of each new number of hourly reviews.

If you’d like to see your reviews that are coming up in the next few days, click the drop down triangle in the upper lefthand corner.

WaniKani lessons button

Now (let’s hope) you’ll be ready for the reviews ahead!