Typing in Japanese

You’ve Guru’d your first set of radicals and finally unlocked real kanji. That’s great! But now WaniKani wants you to type in Japanese, and you don’t know how! Don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

For starters, WaniKani has a built in IME that will handle all the conversions from roman characters to hiragana for you. There’s no need to install an IME or buy a Japanese keyboard for your computer or device. Whenever we ask you for a reading, anything you type will be converted automatically.

(If you want to install a Japanese IME for other purposes, check out our guide over on Tofugu. Just remember not to use it when doing your Lessons or Reviews on WaniKani.)

That’s all well and good, but you still need to know how to type in Japanese! If this is your first time using the world-wide-web for Japanese, read through our guide to typing in Japanese. There are some unusual characters in there, so if what you’re typing and what you’re seeing don’t match up, check there first!

How to type in Japanese

If you’re in the middle of a Lesson Quiz or a Review and you blank, there’s a handy dropdown menu of all of the kana characters right here:

Kana shortcut keyboard

Just click on the one you need and it will appear in the input bar. Or just take a look at the spelling below each one and you’ll be able to type it yourself.

Remember: this tab is no replacement for learning to type yourself, so don’t rely on it for everything, okay? Okay. I trust you.

Typing in Japanese — Series

This series will answer all of your burning typing questions.