What will WaniKani teach me?

When you finish WaniKani, you’ll have learned over 2,000 kanji and over 6,000 Japanese vocabulary words.

The kanji you learn includes most of the Joyo kanji, but not all of them. Some Joyo kanji aren’t that useful, and some non-Joyo kanji are very useful! Our list was created with usefulness in mind.

You’ll learn the most common meanings and readings of each kanji and vocabulary word. This will help you read Japanese books, manga, websites, and more. You can also then apply this information to your speaking, reading, and listening practice.

WaniKani doesn’t teach you grammar. That might feel like a big omission, but think of it this way: WaniKani takes the most difficult thing for most students (kanji) and makes it easy. This will make it easier for you to focus on everything else. You will find that your progress learning grammar will go much faster in the long run, as a result.