How Do I Level Up?

In order to level up, you need to get a specific number of kanji to Guru in your current level. To “pass” something means to get that item to the Guru stage.

Progress bar

The specific number of kanji you need to get to Guru is shown on your progress bar and changes with each level. For example, you need to get 17 kanji to Guru out of the total 18 kanji for Level 1. Once you hit this number and the progress bar fills up, you will level up!

Radicals and Vocabulary have no effect on your level. However, radicals are needed to unlock kanji, so if you don’t have all of your radicals at guru, you won’t get their kanji, and that may slow down your ability to level up.

How do I get my radical or kanji to Guru?

To get your radical or kanji to Guru (or to pass the item), you need to do your reviews when they’re available. Every time you answer correctly, you’ll notice the bar under each radical and kanji fill up. Fill them all the way up to get them to Guru!


If you want to see when you’ll get a new review, check the wait times between the SRS Stages.

Hover over the individual radical or kanji to see how you are doing on that item!