Payment Methods

WaniKani is a paid service after level 3. If you want to continue, you need to find a payment method that works for you!

What type of payment can I use?

WaniKani accepts most major credit cards. These ones:

Accepted card types

If you don’t have access to a credit or debit/bank card, we can manually accept PayPal for one-time yearly and Lifetime memberships. If you’re interested in this method, please contact us.

Can I use other currencies?

Yup! If you’re from outside the United States, the currency conversion will be handled by your bank or card provider. Likewise, if you use PayPal, make sure to select USD and they’ll convert it to the correct amount for you. Be aware that some banks may charge you additional fees for the currency conversion (it’s not us, promise).

What about pre-paid cards?

Maybe. If you’re planning to use a prepaid/gift card make sure that 1) it has enough money on it, and 2) that you can use it both online and for recurring charges. Some prepaid cards require activation before they can be used online or for subscriptions. Make sure to check the information include on the back of the card first.

Some prepaid cards really don’t like being used online, and some do. It’s a toss up whether they’ll work, but you can always try.

Can I use Apple Pay/Venmo/bank transfer/Western Union/Bitcoin/etc.?

Nope! If it isn’t a credit/bank card or PayPal, we cannot accept it.

Though I heard a rumor Koichi is willing to talk to people with Dogecoin. Just a rumor though, probably unfounded.