My card was declined

Having a problem buying a subscription? If the transaction isn’t going through, there are a couple likely culprits. Most of them lead you to the same place!

If you’re using a card that was issued outside of the United States you may need to call your bank to allow for international charges. There can be extra bank fees associated with these types of transactions, so keep an eye out for those.

Another possibility is that your card is set up to block recurring charges, which the WaniKani subscription is. Sometimes you can call your bank and let them know to allow recurring fees from us. Sometimes they say no, though.

Sometimes you need to update your expiration date. I know that seems obvious, but it’s easy to miss, so make sure you check!

Whatever the case, it’s very likely that your bank/card provider is blocking the charge for some reason or other. Unfortunately, banks don’t tell us much more than “CODE: do_not_honor” which we’ve learned means you need to give them a call to clear things up. You’re probably better off contacting them before you email us.