Subscription Plans

There are three types of subscription plans available for your convenience (or annoyance). They can be found in your subscription settings.

Subscription Plans

Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription is USD 9.00/month and is a recurring charge. That means it will automatically charge your card each month. It renews itself unless it’s canceled (by you!).

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription is USD 89.00/year and is a recurring charge. That’s like getting two months free compared to paying for a monthly subscription for an entire year!

This plan automatically charges your card each year and renews itself (unless it’s canceled).

Lifetime Account

This isn’t actually a subscription, but a lifelong promise that you’ll be learning kanji with us until we’re all dead and gone.

A Lifetime account is a one-time payment of USD 299.00.

That’s it! Then you have access to the site for as long as we’re alive. (Forever, Crabigator willing.)

I hear there’s sometimes a special winter sale where Lifetime accounts go on sale. But I didn’t tell you. Shh!