Change My Username

If you’d like to change your username, you can do so from your Account Settings.

Change Name

Some things you should know about usernames:

  • Must be between 3 and 20 characters
  • Dashes (-) and underscores (_) are okay
  • They’re case sensitive (iFyOuWanTtHisYouCAn)
  • The first character must be a letter, number, or underscore
  • The last character must be a letter or number
  • No consecutive special characters!
  • The first four characters cannot begin with “anon”

If your username is taken, we can’t take it from someone else to give it to you, so don’t bother asking. First come, first served is the way of the internet.

And don’t make it a bad word either, cause we’ll find you and change it to something embarrassing, like the name you called your stuffed bunny as a kid. Or the word you get wrong the most in your reviews.