App Settings

WaniKani has a number of different settings related to audio, lessons, and reviews that you can change to suit your preference.

Audio Settings

Audio Settings

  • Pick between Kyoko and Kenichi as your default audio voice
  • Turn on or off the autoplay option to hear audio during lessons
  • Turn on or off the autoplay option to hear audio during reviews

Lessons and Reviews Settings

Lesson Batch Sizing: The default number is 5 lessons (individual items) before a quiz. If you want to learn more or less radicals, kanji, or vocabulary before the quiz, you can adjust this anywhere from 3 to 10 lessons.

Lesson Ordering: The default for this is set to ‘Ascending level then subject’. This means that if you have leveled up to Level 2, but you have just unlocked Level 1 vocabulary, in your lessons pile, Level 1 items will show up before you move on to Level 2 Radicals. The order of the subjects is radicals, kanji, then vocabulary. The reason for this is so that you can focus on learning the previous level material first, even if you’ve already advanced to the next level.

Another setting you can choose is ‘shuffled’, meaning all new lessons regardless of level or subject will be shuffled.

You can also choose ‘ascending level then shuffled’ which means previous level lessons will be shown first, but the subjects (radicals, kanji, vocabulary) will be shuffled.

Review Ordering This is a new feature we’re gradually rolling out to all users.

  • The default for this is ‘Shuffled’, which means that all reviews appear in random order.
  • You can also choose ‘Lower levels first’, which is still random but prioritizes showing lower level subjects first.

Lessons & review counts email update frequency: Here you can choose how often you want to be emailed about your latest lessons and review count: daily, semiweekly, or weekly. Note that this is not a live notification of when you get new lessons or reviews.

Script Compatibility Mode: Turn this on if you’re having issues with your custom userscripts. Details on what’s covered by script compatibility mode are on the Script Compatibility page. For most users, we recommend leaving Script Compatibility Mode off to make sure you get the latest improvements in WaniKani.